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The usefull Palm and Visor illustrated tips !

By using regularly a PDA, each one discovers small tricks or some revolutionary easy ways to facilitate the use of Visor. Some of them have been put on line for you. Don't hesitate to send yours ( ), they will be published here with of course their origin. Just to give you the full story : this page was born from a spontaneous sending of the astonishing easy way making it possible to install the French versions of the standard applications (block-note, addresses...) on US Visor.

This page is yours, do not hesitate to share your best finds there!

VISOR/PALM: reaching the various sights of the Diary application more quickly
Various views are available in the datebook and datebook+ applications of Visor and Palm PDAs: day, week or month view. To switch between them, just push the hardware button that usually call the databook application a few times. It will enable you to navigate between those views without stylus use.

VISOR/PALM: Not a famous reset but an efficient one

There is a reset that is not documented in the Visor manual. This one can be made by like the soft reset while also pushing the Up button of the PDA . Its effect is more powerful than the software reset but does not cause a loss of data as the har reset does. In fact the same actions are carried out without the call to the starting code of some system applications. Thus, HackMaster for example is not launched or a specific launcher is not called. This can come to stop some kind of blockings. Then it is just a matter of eliminating the program or library to let the machine start again normally. This reinitilisation can in many cases replace the Hard reset and save a complete reinstalment. This type of handling is also useful in the case of applications which can't be deleted by the memory application.

Just to remenber : the other reset are the soft reset (push the button on the back of the Visor) and the hard reset (soft reset while pushing the power button and releasing it).

VISOR: The well equipped reset

If you were owner of a Palm Pilot of the first generation, you remeber you could use a wood toothpick stored in the battery compartment just to be able to do a reset at anytime. Taking a wood toothpick was just to avoid any risk of short-circuit.

The first Visor delivered in America had a poor stylus made of one piece of plastic. They didn't provide a reset tool embedded into the head of the stylus such as Palm provide with Palm III and V series. More recent models of Visor provide them. Just to mention it, you can find it by unscrewing one part of the stylus and on the other side, there is a Phillips screwdriver that can be used to open your Visor. Youu can find some snapshot of the Visor opening in the gallery part of this site.

For the unhappy owner of a basic stylet, it is essential to have a tool making it possible to make a reset. Unfortunately, the hole for the access to the reset (illustration) does not allow the use of a wooden toothpick. A solution can be found by sticking a trombone of the good size with Scotch tape to the interior of the Springboard cover. Once stuck, it does not move and you are able to do a reset quicly in any situation.

For those who always leave a module plugged in in the machine another solution is to cut a piece of trombone, to surround it by Scotch tape and to store it in the battery compartment.

VISOR: To arrange its Springboard modules (Not tested)

Happy owners of several Springboard modules, you cannot or don't want to leave them plugged in permanently in the Visor . Arises then the difficulty of storage. Even if they are well protected in their plastic hull, a better protection could be great. Some of you reported that the GameBoy cartridge boxes can be used to store modules of standard size (backup, 8Mb or thinmodem for instance)

Have you noticed that some non-initiated person tend to confuse Visor with Game Boy ? By doing that you just ease the phenomenon 8-)


VISOR: How to install standard applications in French or other version on a US Visor ?

sent by Steven Jr. III

" On US or English Visor, the software of the ROM are all in English... There is no flash memory on Visor, so it is thorically not possible to replace them to have a French or german interface. In fact, it is possible to install on Visor foreigner versions of To Do List, Memo Pad, Adress Book (for DateBook it is not really interessant considering the DateBook version + of Visor is more powerful). To do that, you have to use another Palm (Palm V for example), install the great PZ software (a zipper for Palm platform) and BeamWare or BeamBox, two programs that allow easy beaming of anything on the Palm. The procedure is particular but not very complicated : you need first to zip the three software on the foreign Palm, then beam them to the Visor. After installing UNPZ on thi Visor, you just have to uncompress them. The Visor warn you that you can delete the original softwares but in fact, no problem can be experienced as they are on ROM. You then have the software appearing twice, certainly, but in French. The good news is that the Visor take this last programs as the default ones. All that take only 110 Kb of your RAM.

Note: the procedure is the same one if one wishes to transfer CityTime to an owner from Palm, it is not need for the ziper, it is enough to the beamer directly. "

You will find the compressor Pz & Unpz at this address and BeamWare here . Thanks a lot Mister Steven Jr III

Note: this handling is described with indicative goal and you must be conscious that this type of transfer enfreint the ownership of the PDA manufacturer.

VISOR/PALM: Discover the many usefull shorcuts of " DiddleBugde ".
Add date and hour to your scribbled note

To add very simply the date and the current hour in a DiddleBug note, you can Drag & Drop the toolbar area where you usually choose the hour of release into the drawing area. Current date and hour are inserted where the stylus is hold on.

To directly reach the alarm setting window, just draw a horizontal line beginning in the alarm area (toolbar) and directed to the right.

To use the plug-ins that allow the sending of information towards another application without passing by the "Page/transfer " menu, just draw a horizontal line beginning in the alarm area (toolbar) and directed to the left.

It is possible to trace geometrical forms in DiddleBug. In order to reach it without using the menu, just tap with your stylus on the graffiti area that usually gives access to the virtual digital keyboard ( zone marked " 123 "). It enables the drop-down menu allowing the drawing of many kind of shapes.

Last but not least, successive tap on the graffiti area marked " ABC " altern between a full screen or a menu enabled window.

Access the geometrical shapes
Switch between a full screen or menu enabled window


Visor PRISM detailed Battery level

This is a hidden OS function. It is not available on Visor deluxe or Platinum as they are not powered by a lithium-ion battery. You'll find it on a Prism and surely on a Edge.

In the default launcher while keeping the up hard button of the Visor pressed, put your stylus on the battery icon and keep it pressed also. A small window appears showing electrical values :

- Voltage: value in miliVolts.
- No Load: value also expressed in mV. What is it exactly ? Maybe the highest value taken by battery. If anyone has the information,send it to
- Load: load in mW
- Percent : directly linked to voltage but easier to figure, the percent of load of your battery. 
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