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You're in the news page of Here you'll find last news on the Palm and Visor market plus updates. VisorCentral news are also featured to give you the best of Visor world !

26/11/01 : 2 new reviews, thinmodem + and RhinoPak 1200

Two new reviews on this last days :

- First one is the great ThinModem +, a powerfull modem offering both 56 Kbs data transfer rate and also 8 Mb of memory.

- Second one is a case from RhinoSkin, the RhinoPak 1200 sportscase which was a real good surprise. This is not only a leather version of the 1100.

The two accessories got the excellence award for their quality and useability !

The 2 news are written in French but don't hesitate to go to their pages as a new link is offer to deliver automatically an English translation (on the top right or at the bottom of the page).

11/11/01 : 2 new modules, memplug memory stick and PoGo!

Two new modules announced this week : the first is the MemPlug Memory Stick adapter and the second one is the Pogo! from DataQuake which offer 8 mb and a vibrating/flashing alarm. Don't miss the japanese page 8-).

The 2 new modules have been added to the module page, which features roughly 50 modules now !

11/05/01 : new EyeModule snapshots from Finland

Thanks to Olivier Bogaert who sent us some colorfull pictures of Tampere, a town in Finland. It increases the number of pictures in the EyeModule PhotoGallery to more than 100. If you own a Visor and an EM, you can participate to the gallery just by sending snapshots there :

10/08/01 : Your Visor becomes a personnal body massager

Amazing module ! The last module available at Palm gear will surprise you. It changes your Visor and makes it a personnal body massager. Available for 99 $ and with a colorfull exploitation program. It may be a must to relax at the office or in the train. May be your Christmas gift ?

It has been added to the module database of !

09/06/01 : New sunny Eyemodule snapshots in Gallery and quickies

It is time to have a look at sunny pictures of the french Riviera : boat, sun, beach are there, don't miss the last images taken with the EyeModule II. There are yet roughly 100 pictures on line, don't miss them and just think it was taken with a so small and cool PDA and module !

Just another information folowing the RayMan launch (see news above) , you can find snapshots and tips on the Rayman on PDA website :

Want to have a look at the dark side of the moon ? feel free to discover the new Pocket PC interface : a taste of XP at

08/28/01 : Ray Man arrives on our handelds

Don't mis this new killer game for Palm and Pocket PC platform. The classic Ray Man comes to our handelds. But be carefull, 2 Mb of free space on your Visor or Palm are necessary to play the marvellous Colour version ...

08/27/01 : New snapshots in the EyeModule gallery

9 new pictures taken with the great EyeModule II have been added to our
PhotoGallery : don't miss the Eye wandering with featured pictures.

08/12/01 : Otterbox 2000 crash and water proof PDA case reviewed

For French reader : you can access a complete review of the Otterbox 2000 case for PDA in the test area.

07/18/01 : New snapshots in the EyeModule gallery

Discover some new snapshots in the Eyemodule Gallery of 81 pictures are now available !


06/22/01 : New pictures in the Eyemodule Gallery

Discover some new snapshots in the Eyemodule Gallery of This time snapshots are more urban than usual, but some refreshing snapshots are also featured. You now have 70 pictures taken with an EyeModule available in the gallery. Felle free to send your own at this mail address :

06/16/01 : New accessory test, the Aluminium slider case for Visor

For French reader : you can access a complete review of the Rhinoskin aluminium slider case for Visor in the test area : don't miss this really different case, a must have for some exposed workers.


06/15/01 : New pictures in the Eyemodule Gallery

Discover some new snapshots in the Eyemodule Gallery of 63 pictures are now available !

06/05/01 : New pictures in the Eyemodule Gallery

Find some new snapshots in the Eyemodule Gallery of With a vertical snapshot of your webmaster's Monocycle !

06/02/01 : New accessory test, the smart FlipCover for Visor

For French reader : you can access a complete review of the FlipCover for Visor in the test area : a great enhancement for all types of Visor except Edge.


05/25/01 : New pictures added to the EyeModule Photo Gallery

Come to see our new pictures in the EyeModule Photo Gallery ! And continue to send some new pictures at There are already 45 pictures featured in our gallery.

05/14/01 : New pictures added to the EyeModule Photo Gallery

Come to see our new pictures in the EyeModule Photo Gallery ! And continue to send some new pictures at

05/09/01 : RhinoPak 1100 case get the first " excellence award"

Just a quick news to give you the information that after our complete RhinoPak 1100 (french only 8-( ) review, this case got the first " Excellence award". This is a mean to enhance both usability, nice design and protection it offers to your PDA. Don't miss the french review with many pictures !

05/08/01 : New eyeModule page, BMW Z3

A new EyeModule gallery page offers some close look at the BMW Z3 roadster and other cars. Unfortunately ... this isn't your webmaster's car 8-(

05/03/01 : EyeModule photo gallery opening

The new part of the photo gallery is open. The Eye Module photo gallery features some pictures taken by Visor using EyeModule. Photos are original unless an automatic color adjust done with ACDSee, a software bundled with the EyeModule 2.

We hope you'll enjoy the pictures ! Some other will be added in the coming days. Don't forget, it is your photo gallery, so if you have both a Visor and an EyeModule (Version 1 or 2), send us your snapshots, they will be added to the gallery. Use this email address.

04/26/01 : EyeModule2 review (french language only) and Handera revealed


French readers and international curious can consult our new eyemodule2 review with some pictures (especially on page 2) before we open the eyemodule gallery next week.

Handera revealed their new PDA on their website. It seems it will be more and more difficult to chose a new Palm compatible PDA as more and more models appear, each with their own specificities ...

04/21/01 : quickies , Palm and Handspring agreement, new AvantGo version and site update

Some days ago, a few words from Handspring's staff were discussed by Palm community as a sign of a possible move to a new OS, may be pocket PC, againt keeping the Palm OS. But the 11th f april, their was an important agreement signed by Handspring and Palm. Handspring is a Palm licensee until 2009 !This stopped the rumors !

Accessories : both use springboard slot but aren't really springboard modules : PDAlight will allow you to use your Visor and graffti area in the dark and Flicover will offer a cover similar to the one of the Visor Edge.

For the numerous AvantGo users, don't miss the AvantGo browser version 4. You can download it there. updates : happy owners of a Prism will be able to download their ROM with the USB craddle as Visor Deluxe owners did. Indeed, Prism specificities have been added in the How to transfer the Visor ROM with USB craddle ? section. Some pictures of Prism easter eggs have been added in the Palm and Visor easter eggs section.

As eyemodule pictures gallery will open in a few days, don't forget to send your snapshot there : .

04/21/01 : Next Palm compatible PDA may be produced by handEra ?

TRG company produces the TRGPro, a Palm compatible with expansion slot (compact flash) geared toward enterprise market. A few weeks ago, TRG became handEra. As everybody noticed it could announce a sucessor to the TRGPro. Now, handEra website offer an interesting picture with only a small piece of their new PDA that is viewable. Let keep an eye on their website !

Update : a new part of the monochrome PDA can be seen : the graffiti area appears to be "virtual" as it is a part of the screen and it shows the graffiti drawings ! It is possible to see on the lower right, something that looks like a lousd speaker. It was worth waiting a few hours looking at this website 8-)

04/07/01 : Next section will be yours, eyemodule gallery!
Both first and second eyemodules are great tools to take snapshots in many situations. We plan to open a eyemodule gallery and need your best snapshots : just send them at this address : and they will be published with your name (if requested 8-) and a link to your website if exists. This will be your gallery so don't hesitate to send many snapshots !
04/07/01 : First international pages on was the first (founded in 11/1999 ) and has become the leading French speaking Visor website. It provides news, tests, tips on the Visor family and Springboard modules and by extension on the Palm OS compatible PDAs also. As visitors comes from all around the world, more specially from european speaking countries : France, Belgium, switzerland but also from Canada, and the request was made several times, it was decided to provide some international pages. This begins today with some translations of original pages : usefull tips for Palm and Visor, palm and Visor easter eggs, transfering the Visor ROM with USB craddle, Springboard modules page and photo gallery. It was created with hope it will be usefull to Visor owners all over the world.

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